The visually impaired candidates and candidates whose writing speed is adversely affected permanently for any reason can use their own Scribe / Reader at their cost during the examination, subject to limits as mentioned below. In all such cases where a Scribe / Reader is used, the following rules will apply :
  1. The candidate if intend to avail Scribe / Reader Service, must bring Scribe Declaration Form duly filled and to be submitted to the Invigilator. The Form is available in our website.
  2. The candidate will have to arrange his / her own Scribe / Reader at his / her own cost.
  3. The Scribe / Reader arranged by the candidate should not be a candidate for the examination.
  4. If violation of the above is detected at any stage of the process, candidature for Examination of both the candidates and the Scribe / Reader will be cancelled.
  5. A person acting as a Scribe / Reader for one candidate cannot be a Scribe / Reader for another candidate.
  6. The Scribe / Reader should be from an academic stream different from that stream prescribed for the post.
  7. The Scribe / Reader should not interfere / correct the answer given by the candidate.
  8. Both the candidates as well as Scribe / Reader will have to give a suitable undertaking confirming that the Scribe / Reader fulfils all the stipulated eligibility criteria for a Scribe / Reader as mentioned above. Further, in case, it later transpires that he / she did not fulfil any laid down eligibility criteria or suppressed material facts, the candidature of the applicant will stand cancelled, irrespective of the result of the written examination.
  9. Those candidates using a Scribe / Reader shall be eligible for compensatory time of 20 minutes for every hour of the examination or as otherwise advised.


A compensatory time of 20 minutes per hour or otherwise as advised shall be permitted for the candidates with locomotors disability and cerebral palsy where dominant (writing) extremity is affected to the extent of slowing the performance of function (minimum of 40% impairment).


Visually Impaired candidates (who suffer from not less than 40% of disability) will be eligible for compensatory time of 20 minutes for every hour or otherwise as advised for the examination.
Visually Impaired candidates may allowed to bring permissible Assistive Devices such as Braille Slate, Hearing Aids, Low Vision Assistance Devices subject to approval at the Centre. However electronic devices such as Calculators, Mobile Phones etc. are not allowed.

For any discrepancy, the contents/provisions/conditions of detailed Advertisement will prevail.